Though products are really low priced, UltraVPS uses first-class technology only with a clear focus on high-reliabilty. You will be impressed!

KVM Virtualzation

KVM as a full hardware-virtualisation platform that gives you much of the dedicated server behaviour. You run your own instance of Linux kernel, you can load your own kernel modules, you have properly virtualised memory, IO and scheduler.

High Quality Hardware

We only use hypervisors with enterprise-grade server hardware and fast SAS drives in RAID-10 for performance and redundancy. All nodes are equipped with powerful Intel Westmere-EP CPUs with 12 cores in sum.        

Control panel

We provide an easy-to-use control panel (SolusVM) for the admistration of your VPS, which allows you to reboot or reinstall your virtual servers and much more with a single click.

High End Network

All VPS nodes are connected with 1 Gbps external bandwidth. Our own multi-redundant network (AS29141) has connections to Tier1 upstreams as well with major European Internet Exchanges.
  • Your Advantages

    • KVM virtualization
    • High-end server hardware
    • Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity
    • Easy and fast deployment
    • Premium Customer Portal